Amazon Does Not Ship to my address? Can Help? Maybe!

Amazon Does Not Ship to my address. Can Help? Maybe!

amazon box

amazon box

First and foremost, Rush delivery is not available! This is purely a shipping re-delivery service.

There are NO REFUNDS, avoid purchasing any liquids, or items you’re not sure about!

If you live in the Toronto area and require this service local delivery might be available.

If, for whatever reason, or even, in some instances, can not deliver to your P.O Box or rural address, can possibly help.

If one of our many suppliers has the item you’re looking for, we can sell it to you, or we can also purchase the item for you at retail and charge you a fee for services rendered, including delivery charges. And have it delivered to you?

Please make sure when you make your order that you put in your CORRECT address. is located in Canada, and your item will be shipped from Canada via the logistical companies contract to deliver parcels.

What do you need to know?

In short, this service will cost you a bare minimum of $50, and you’re fully responsible for all fees, including taxes, associated with us purchasing and reshipping your goods from Amazon.

amazon packages

Amazon packages

Minimum Shipping charges will be $25 + our Services fee, which costs a minimum of $25, totaling $50, not including the price of the items you wish to purchase.

Because of the nature of this business, there is overnight delivery; however, after you pay for your order, we will do our best to have the order shipped to you within 2 weeks.

If you’re interested in this courtesy service, use our contact us  form, and please leave us the or links of the products you wish to buy. If the product you wish to buy has variations, you must detail the exact variations.

When the time to order, we will email you a form with pictures of the items you wish to purchase along with our non-refundable fee; you MUST enter your CORRECT address; make sure you double-check your address before submitting.

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